Keep Informed with Scottie's News

McDonald International's eNewsletter, Scottie's News, is the school's primary means of communication with families and the McDonald Int'l community. Contributions are sent in from Principal Goldberg, teachers, staff, and other community members. The weekly eNewsletter is written and distributed by volunteers on the PTA during the school year.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to stay informed about McDonald Int'l. If you need a printed copy of the eNewsletter, or there's some way you think we should be reaching out let us know!


During the school year, if you have a submission request for Scottie's News, please submit your request in "copy ready" format to by noon on Monday. The Newsletter goes out on Wednesdays.

During the summer, the eNewsletter will not be on any particular schedule, but will be sent out as needed.

Due to space limitations, not all requests may be included. Preference is given to submissions based on relevance to the McDonald Int'l community as a whole. General solicitations/promotions of paid services are not encouraged. The primary purpose of the PTA eNewsletter is to keep our community informed of school-specific events, opportunities, and resources, as well as information from our school staff and administration.


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