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May 17

Annual Food Drive: June 5-8

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Last year we collected 533lbs of food for FamilyWorks food bank. That’s enough food to feed 31 households! Let’s do it again this year. We will be delivering the food on Thursday, June 8, at 4pm and need some volunteers to load their cars and deliver the food to FamilyWorks. Please email Judy if you can help.

Please bring some of the following items to school; there will be barrels by the main office and in the cafeteria:

Canned Fruits & Veggies
Canned Soup & Chili
Canned Tomatoes
Fruit Strips
Granola Bars
Juice Boxes
Peanut Butter
Pork & Beans

FamilyWorks also accepts online donations to fund purchases of meat and other perishables.

May 16

Please Help Us Recruit Spanish Interns!

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For several years the Amity Institute has provided our school with volunteer interns who serve as models of language and culture. This year, due to worries about our country's new administration, fewer young people are applying to come to the United States.

For the Fall, we requested four Spanish interns so that we could have an intern in every 2nd-5th grade classroom, and we currently only have two confirmed interns for next year. Usually by this time of the year we would have all of our interns confirmed.

Amity told us that we can help them recruit candidates for our school. If you know of an amazing recent college graduate in a Spanish-speaking country who might be interested in coming to our school please send them here. When they fill out their application they can list a preference for McDonald International in Seattle, WA.

("What about Japanese?" You ask. Well, thanks to the recruitment efforts of a super star past intern, Yuto, we will have all three Japanese interns that we requested. Thank you Yuto!)

May 15

Advanced Learning Testing Opportunity

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Seattle Public Schools offers Advanced Learning/Spectrum for students who have been evaluated for and designated as Advanced Learners. You may want to refer your child if you have noticed these characteristics:

Verbal skills:
Has an advanced vocabulary for his/her age
Seems to continuously talk and ask questions

Thinking skills:
Is imaginative, has lots of ideas
Can come up with many interesting solutions to problems

Learning behaviors:
Understands information quickly; remembers what has been learned
Wants to work on more difficult things; may not finish regular assignments because wants to spend time doing projects he/she thinks are more interesting

Is very interested in certain topics/projects and wants to work on them all the time
Does not want or need a lot of direction for completing a task; likes to figure it out on his/her own

Social-emotional development:
Is sensitive to the feelings of other and is concerned with fairness
May be a perfectionist and/or become frustrated with mistakes
May prefer to interact with students who are older and/or adults

Is a very strong reader, reading above grade level and/or reading at an early age

Math skills:
Is very interested in math, works above grade level in math and/or shows an interest in numbers at an early age

If most of these characteristics apply you may want to consider referring your child for Advanced Learning opportunities. Eligibility criteria and instructions are available beginning May 15, 2017 hereTo learn more about the Advanced Learning Office, please view their vision and mission statements, or read more about the programs and services.

May 15

Update from Ms. Pat

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Dear Parents,

As promised, here are the statewide results of the 2017 Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book awards. It is always interesting to compare our choices at McDonald with the results from all over the state Here is a side by side comparison of the results:

1st: Elizabeth, queen of the seas
2nd: Finding Winnie
3rd: Mummy Cat

Washington State
1st: Mummy Cat (18, 479 votes)
2nd: A Perfectly Messed up Story (15, 837 votes)
3rd: Finding Winnie (13,100 votes)

McDonald favorite, Elizabeth, Queen of the seas came in 4th in statewide voting.  Many of your children may tell you that they never got a chance to hear or read “Mummy Cat.”  Regrettably, this is true.  I had shared this delightful book in 2015 with the current 3rd and 5th graders.  (We even had a guest speaker talk to the older students about hieroglyphics, which played a large part in the plot of this book.)  However, Mummy Cat slipped through the cracks this year as a read aloud.  Next year, I hope to try some new strategies suggested by librarian colleagues to make sure all the K-3rd graders are acquainted with every book on the list.

April Summary
Kindergarten—Early in April, we learned about a 900 year old Japanese scroll of “Frolicking Animals” and made our own mini scrolls with animals doing silly human-like activities.  If you’d like to watch the video we saw about the scroll, here’s the link.

In connection with their classroom unit on endangered animals, we have been reading about condors and pandas.  We also did some research to determine which animals hatch from eggs.

First and second graders missed a class because of Spring Break, but when they returned it was to a Spring related activity centering around bird nests. They enriched their reading experience by carefully examining and drawing real bird nests. 2nd graders created a labeled diagram with the bird nest as its centerpiece.

3rd graders are beginning their social studies units on Native Americans.  During library time we examined an infographic book titled “Native Americans: a visual exploration “ and created a mini-timeline based on the one in the book.  We also learned about a valuable database for Native American Study:  PebbleGo Next.  I’m hoping your students brought home a yellow or green slip of paper with the username and password for the site.  But just in case they didn’t here is the information.

Username:  McDonald IS
Password: Scottie

4th and 5th graders looked at both primary and secondary sources to get background information on the subject of Japanese Internment during World War ll to prepare for the visit of Mayumi Tsutakawa, a Humanities Washington Speaker.   Mayumi San spoke to our students during library classes at this PTA sponsored event.  She was very impressed by our students and we were impressed by how attentive our students were and by the thoughtful questions they asked.

End of Year Library Procedures
As the end of the school year looms ahead, I am getting ready for that day in June (June 16th) at which time all library books will be due.  Here is what I recently sent out to teachers:

All library books will be due June 16th.  June 16th is also Field Day.  As in past years, participation in field day will depend on returning library books. Before you start feeling sorry for students with missing books please know that not one child has missed field day in recent years.  Not wanting to miss field day is a wonderful incentive for getting books back. Our kids love field day! I do not hold kindergartners or first graders responsible for missing books though I appreciate any help in getting them back. 

If a student says they returned a particular book, it could be that this is true and it wasn’t checked in properly—easy to do—that students needs to actually look on the shelf for that book. 

I do hold students in 2-5th grade responsible for missing books.  There are two ways of being accountable for missing books:

  • Hard cover books must be paid for.
  • For paperback books, students may substitute another paperback book, provided that it is in good condition and it’s a title that students will actually want to read.

As we count down to June 16th on a global scale, I will also be “counting down” during library check out.  This first week we will hold to strict limits.  There are many students who are way over the designated limit for their grade level.  In following weeks this is how we will go:

Weeks of May 15 and 22ndth—no books over grade level limit
Week of May of May 29th—one less book than grade level limit
Week of June 5---end of year—one book out.
Of course, there will be exceptions if your class is working on a special project

Let me know if your students say that their book was returned to the public library. I’ll make a note of it. We always get these books back (though it may take a while.)

Thank you,
Ms Pat

May 12

McDonald Int'l Spring Concert - June 16th

May 10

Young Author's Day - June 15th

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On June 15th, McDonald International Elementary School will celebrate our students’ skill and the art of writing. Students will be in small multi-age groups and will participate by reading their own work. Parents are also invited to participate in this informative and creative event.

VOLUNTEERS are needed on June 15th from 8:30 – 10am for Young Authors Day. Volunteers will attend a short training session from 8:30 to 8:45 to discuss facilitating the small groups, then each will lead their group of 8  - 10 students to their pre-arranged location. If you would like to participate, please sign up and include your child(ren)’s first and last name.

May 04

Join Us to See a Dual Language Learning Bill Signed

May 03

Next 2e Meeting - May 8th

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Our next 2e meeting is coming up! On Monday, May 8th, 7-9 pm, at Lincoln High School in Wallingford (current home of Cascadia Elementary), we will be hosting Dr. Allison Brooks and Kire Dassel, MEd., of the Brooks Powers Group for a round table discussion about challenging behaviors in school. Does your twice exceptional child present with behavior problems that make it difficult to get his or her academic needs met? Have you been dealing with school anxiety or even school refusal? Then this meeting is for you! Dr. Brooks and Ms Dassel will discuss how to best help our kids thrive, how to work with schools and teachers, what our kids are legally entitled to in public schools, and more.

May 03

Join the Scottie's News Crew

Apr 29

Save the Date for Field Day!

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Please save the date for Field Day on Friday, June 16. 

For a portion of the school day, students do a variety of activities and enjoy movement, challenge, teamwork, and a little friendly competition. It is always amazing to experience the parent participation for this school-wide event. Toward the end of May (after International Night) details will be available, including info about volunteer sign-up.

For fun (and to keep track of classes), students are invited to wear their class color that day. If your child does not that have that color, they can select a “close-enough” color.

Kindergarten – pink/orange
First Grade - blue
Second Grade – yellow / white
Third Grade - red
Fourth Grade – green
Fifth Grade – purple


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