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Aug 14

Back to School Event - September 5th

Jun 23

Solar Eclipse - August 21st

Jun 21

Next Year's School Schedule

Jun 21

Congratulations, Julian Miguez Rojas!

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Our own third-grade Spanish intern, Julian Miguez Rojas, was awarded the 2017 Emily Stowell Scholarship by Amity for displaying commendable character, tremendous dedication, and a continuous effort to go the extra mile both inside and outside of the classroom.

Julian (from Bogota, Colombia) immediately "jumped right in with enthusiasm" upon his arrival to the United States.  Julian's host family shared that he continuously was "an ambassador for Colombia and Latin American culture, taking every opportunity to share his culture with the community."  He also enjoyed exploring the United States and its culture, "showing boundless curiosity about America and its people."

Assistant Principal Rachel Roosma shared how Julian went above and beyond to help his community by "translating documents for the teachers he worked with, supporting the PTA and families within the community, and even translating documents for the Hunger Intervention Program." The third-grade students at McDonald also shared their support for Julian, and will miss him greatly as an "intern, soccer referee, and great teacher."

Jun 21

Celebrate Japan Night with the Seattle Storm - August 27th

Jun 21

PTA Grants Update: Your SSO Donations at Work

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Thanks to the help of our community’s generosity, the Student Support & Outreach (SSO) fund has continued to provide for our students and teachers throughout the year.  Recent approvals have included the following items:

  • Innovation grants: Supplies for painting butterfly murals for International Night, science textbooks from Japan, a fidget tool library, and bookmarks for Young Author's Day.  Ask your student about their bookmark!
  • Professional development: We provided teachers with extra professional development funding.  Many faculty took advantage to visit other schools and learn from best practices.

As a reminder, SSO funds are spent in the current school year to benefit all McDonald students.  They pay for everything funded by the PTA except for Instructional Support (which funds our IAs and ISs).  More information on the funding model can be found on the PTA web site.  Thank you for your donations, and a special thanks to the committee of parents who reviewed the grant proposals!

Jun 21

Thank You to the Paint-the-Playground Volunteers

Jun 21

Volunteer Spotlight: Nidhi Agrawal

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From the first week of school to the last, Nidhi Agrawal has been a star volunteer this year.

Nidhi started planning discussions about race, equity, and social justice before school started as co-lead with Dan Rosen of the Global Citizenship Action Committee (formerly the Race & Equity discussion group). She is also the driving force behind STEM Night happening this Thursday, 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria and featuring McDonald women with experience in STEM fields and mini-classes by Math for Love. She planned the related event, watching and discussing the movie Hidden Figures to show kids the true story of African-American women mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race. She has also planned an Islamophobia panel that will occur in the fall.

Nidhi is a room parent for Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Japanese classes. Her dance instructor taught Hidde-sensei's 3rd graders Indian Dance movements to perform with the song Tanabata-sama at International Night. She is an enthusiastic student of Japanese language and culture, participating in adult Japanese language classes offered through school and hosting visiting Japanese middle school students this spring.

Nidhi is active with McDonald PTA, serving on this year's Nominating and Budget Committees, as well as attending numerous board and general parent meetings. She even hosted 20+ current and incoming board members at the final PTA Board meeting of the year.

Nidhi and her family will spend the 2017-18 school year living in India and Japan. We wish them safe travels and look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return!

Jun 21

Stay in Touch this Summer at the Farmers Market

Jun 14

Volunteer of the Week: Jaime Hested

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Like many of us, Jaime Hested is in her final weeks at McDonald Int'l School. She is on the committee planning this year's 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, lunch, and dance. Jaime also helped plan the last two Islandwood trips and last year's 5th Grade Promotion.

Having so much institutional knowledge, she reached out to rising 5th grade families to pass it on and invite them to participate in this year's event planning. Jaime reflected: “My twins will not be going to McDonald... so this is the end of the road for me. Remember when McDonald was an “idea?” My oldest was in that first kindergarten class (before immersion), and Asher, my current 5th grader, was in that second class when immersion began. As I’ve been adjusting to the realities of a new school and starting over, it has made me all the more aware of the level of parental engagement going on at our school, the INCREDIBLE communication and website, and that small school feeling - which I find SUCH a gift! Thank you to all of you for what you have done and are continuing to do—I’m finding it hard to say goodbye.”

Jaime draws inspiration from many other McD parents, often downplaying her own role in signature McDonald events like first ever Ice Cream Social before McDonald even opened: “Kristi Brumbaugh and I worked the PTA Sign Up table…. and in the second to last one of the photos Jamila can be seen, too!” At the same time, other parents cite Jaime as a role model. Fourth grade room parent Happie Ari remembers meeting Jaime and “bonding over ice cream cake at my first ever McD PTA board meeting.” It's a good reminder that we are all someone's role model. Thank you, Jaime!


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