Your Donations go towards two major Funds to support our children's education and enrichment at McDonald International:

Instructional Support (IS) Fund: Visit the Instructional Support Fund and Immersion Support Staff pages to find out more about why this fundraising is key to our students' success in the Language Immersion program at McDonald.



Student Support and Outreach (SSO) Fund: This money, which we raise at the Move-a-Thon, pays for all non-Immersion Support Fund activities supported by the PTA, from teacher mini-grants to field trips, math and art program support, and more. Visit the Move-a-Thon and PTA's What We Pay For pages for details.


Be sure to specify your student's name when you check out! Or click here for other ways to make your donation. All donations are tax deductible.


Making a Donation

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Instructional Support Fund


Benefits to Local Businesses

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Donate to the Student Support & Outreach (SSO) Fund

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