Your donations support our children's education and enrichment at McDonald International 

Our school depends on community contributions to ensure our children receive an outstanding education, while also fighting to correct inadequate public funding.  Whether you’re a parent, family member, or neighbor, you can be assured your contribution will have immediate benefits.

Where does the money go?
The majority of PTA funds provide additional staff. This includes extra staff in every immersion classroom and additional English literacy support in Kindergarten.  Together these lower McDonald’s student:staff ratios and improve differentiated learning. In addition to paying for more staff, the PTA also augments the academic curriculum by providing teachers with innovation grants and extra professional development, buying books for the library, running the after-school enrichment program, and more.

Visit Making a Donation to download the ACH withdrawal authorization form. The PTA board carefully reviews every dollar spent to ensure it supports the priorities voted on by the full PTA membership. Be sure to visit our FAQ.




Making a Donation

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Other Ways to Contribute

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