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Apr 05

Walk for Water - May 7th

Apr 05

Visit from a Japanese Chorus

Apr 05

Meet Two of Next Year's Interns!

Apr 05

Host Family Testimonial: The Anderson Family

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We had a great time with Diana. She really bonded with Alex and Aiden, especially over card and board games. The kids got to practice their Spanish over games of Stratego, Exploding Kitten, and Battleship. She educated us all on the Columbian culture and way of life. She and Julian even made us a Columbian dish with plantains!  It was also worthwhile to share with her new experiences like snow skiing, pumpkin picking and Game of Thrones! It was certainly a mutually beneficial experience and we feel fortunate we were able to do this. Attached is a picture of our hiking trip to see a waterfall!

Apr 05

Design Our New Crosswalks!

Apr 05

Where in the World Did My PTA Contribution Go?

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Thanks to generous contributions from our community, over the past year we’ve been able to do the following as part of the WITS (Writers in the School) program:

  • Five McDonald students were featured in the region-wide WITS anthology Across the Surface of Fear and Calm and saw other featured readers on stage. at the fall book release and reading at Benaroya Hall
  • Sierra, one of the professional writers who was in residence at McDonald, and the 3rd graders did a chapbook poetry celebration and each student took home a pocket-sized book of their class’ work.
  • On Monday, graphic novelist David Laskey delivered an Oregon Trail presentation and program representatives met with the 5th grade team.
  • And this is also future tense— we're very much looking forward to the 4th and 5th grade tall tale readings.
Apr 04

2e Parent Support Group Meeting - April 17

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Charlotte Cassady, Esq. will will speak on the rights of twice-exceptional children to receive support services for their disabilities as well as access to advance learning opportunities.

When: Monday, April 17 from 7-9pm
Where: Thurgood Marshall Elementary Library2401 S Irving St, Seattle, WA 98144

She will provide insight into the districts' legal obligations, interpretation of the law as it relates to 2e students (including the recent Supreme Court decision), and legal resources for parents. Ms. Cassady brings to this conversation many years of experience as an advocate and successful litigator on behalf of families and youth. Please join us--and feel free to share with others. 

The 2e Seattle Parent Support Group leaders are Laurie Clark Klavins and Kathleen Allen. You can also email the group.

Join the discussion at

Mar 31

Change in Immunization Recordkeeping from Seattle Public Schools

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Our school district values the health of our students. We follow state laws to ensure students are up-to-date with required vaccines, so they are protected from diseases and come ready to learn. We are updating the way we keep track of vaccination records. We are now using an online immunization system called the School Module, which is created by the Washington State Department of Health. This system allows us to view your child’s immunization record quickly and efficiently and determine if your child has all the vaccines required for school.

If your child was born and vaccinated in Washington, your child’s records are already in the state system, which is one of the reasons for the recordkeeping change. You can access these records at any time by registering for MyIR.

These are some of the benefits of changing our practice:

  • Less staff time spent on managing and searching student immunization records
  • Quicker follow up with you and your child for incomplete immunization records
  • More accurate records

As we move to this new recordkeeping system, Alison Inkley, the school nurse, may ask you for additional information about your child’s immunization dates.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Alison.

Mar 29

Community Field Trip: Free SAM Visit and Exhibit Talk - April 6

Mar 29

Music Students’ Spring Concert - May 23rd


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