Host a Guest Teacher!

Calling all incredible McDonald International families! We need YOU as next year’s Amity guest teacher host families!

Have you ever wondered about our guest teachers?

For several years the Amity Institute has provided our school with guest teachers who serve as models of language and culture. Our Amity program runs solely on the support of the parents and families at McDonald International. Our PTA funds this program, but the most vital contribution you can make to this program is by hosting a teacher in your home during the school year. We rely on our host families to make the program run!

The teachers are recent college graduates from Japan or Spanish-speaking countries interested in education. They volunteer for a year to work with our teachers to help reduce class ratios, provide small group learning, and enrich the depth to which Spanish and Japanese are taught. Our ability as a parent organization to provide this direct contribution in the classroom is amazing.

Do you know someone in a Spanish-speaking country or Japan interested in applying to the program? They can apply through this website and request to be placed at McDonald International. More information for prospective guest teachers and hosts is presented below.

What does it take to be a host?

  • A private bedroom for the intern for 3-5 months

  • Breakfast and dinner during the school week and most meals on the weekends

If you're interested in hosting or you're just exploring the option, contact our Host Family Coordinator as soon as possible. You can also download the host family FAQ.

You can also sign up to hang with the Immersion Interns! It's easy!

Sign up to have dinner or do another activity with one or our fabulous guests. Contact our Host Family Coordinator.

This is a great opportunity for your kids and family to get to know one of our wonderful interns better and learn about their culture and for your kids to practice Spanish or Japanese. It's also a chance for our interns to experience American life, and practice their English.

What is the difference between an Immersion Assistant (IA) and a Guest Teacher?

Although they have sometimes been called upon to perform similar roles in our classrooms, IAs and Guest Teachers bring very different backgrounds and experience. They are also funded and hired differently.

IAs are experienced teachers

  • They're employed by the Seattle School District to assist the primary teacher.

  • The PTA gives money to the School District to fully cover their salaries and related costs.

  • McDonald teachers and Principal Goldberg all participate in the selection process.

  • These teachers are able to stay with the school long term, strengthening our program and providing stability.

Guest Teachers are teacher assistants

  • They come to us through international programs that give native language speakers the chance to teach abroad.

  • They generally come for just one year and then return to their countries of origin.

  • The PTA fully supports this program by paying for the Amity fees, stipends, Orca cards, lunch stipends and ESL classes and provides room and board in the form of home-stays with McDonald families.

Greetings from Japan: A Former Intern Reflects on Experience at McDonald

Yuki sensei was an Immersion Intern (II) during the 2014-15 school year, and her experience at McDonald still impacts her daily.  She recently sent this update to share with our community:

I'm Tomoko Yuki and had worked at McDonald Elementary in 2014-2015.

I truly appreciate how you treated me in school and your family. During 10 months internship, I got many unforgettable memories and precious friendships that helped me moving forward in various situations. (Especially the picture with my all host family's encourage me whenever I feel down)

Now I'm teaching 3rd graders at public elementary school in Hiroshima and this school has ALT (assistant language teacher) from the US.  (For living this global century, Japanese Ministry of Education push English education harder than before, and every elementary school has English lessons by ALT now.)

I spend almost 12 hours at school every day;) (preparing materials for the class, grading students' homework, calling parents to explain about troubles that happened on that day and etc.)  Though that much of tasks, my co-workers are so nice like McDonald teachers, so by getting other teachers support, I'm surviving every day;)

McDonald family, your warm welcome to your community really inspired me that made me think about how to make a comfortable environment for foreigners.

I really want to come back to Seattle to see all of you, but my few days off in a year won't allow that. I miss you all :)

Love, Tomoko

¿Qué trae el programa Amity a nuestra comunidad?

Nuestros pasantes del programa de Amity  es una pieza cultural educativa muy importante que ofrecemos a nuestros estudiantes. Los pasantes traen una riqueza de conocimientos sobre su propia cultura, vida familiar, comida, fiestas, educación y mucho más. Los pasantes del programa de Amity pueden registrarse en el programa tan pronto se gradúen o durante el último año de Universidad. Nuestros pasantes están todos  interesados en la educación como su profesión y este programa ayuda a mejorar su confianza, capacitación, su inglés y permite a cada becario la experiencia única de vida familiar en los Estados Unidos. Llegan a finales de agosto y permanecen durante el año escolar.

Además de las piezas únicas de la cultura y su idioma, el programa Amity proporciona más oportunidades a nuestros maestros para que ellos lleven a cabo proyectos especiales de trabajo en grupos pequeños, evaluar el progreso de los estudiantes e incrementar la participación de los estudiantes durante las clases.

¿Conoces a alguien en un país de habla hispana interesado en ser un interno de Amity en nuestra escuela? Pueden postularse a través de este sitio web y solicitar su colocación en McDonald International.

¿Qué se necesita para ser una familia anfitriona?

Familias anfitrionas son la única forma en la que sobrevive este programa. Cada año pedimos a las familias de McDonald International que voluntariamente den su tiempo y espacio durante aproximadamente tres o cinco meses durante el otoño o la primavera. Estas familias son la columna vertebral del programa y no podemos traer más pasantes a nuestra escuela sin estas familias anfitrionas voluntarias. El PTA proporciona un coordinador de las familias anfitrionas  para ayudar a encontrar familias anfitrionas  y prepararlas para la llegada de nuestros pasantes.

¿Cómo puede ayudar usted?:
Nunca es demasiado temprano para expresar interés en pasar tiempo con uno de los pasantes, o para ser anfitriones el próximo año. ¡No dude en acercarse y participar más en este programa!

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o quiere involucrarse.