Move-A-Thon: 2016

The Move-a-Thon is McDonald International's annual community building and fundraising event, put on by McDonald families and your PTA to support students and our school community. 

Students set a movement goal and raise money to support their school. A huge range of activities will be available - bike, running, hula hoop, dance, jump rope, and more! It's essentially a giant playdate with all your students' friends from school, and one of our kids' favorite events of the year.

When: Saturday, Oct 8, 10am-12pm
Where: Meridian Park (rain or shine!)
Who: All Scotties, we want 100% participation
How: Put on your sneakers, bring your checkbooks, and walk on over (parking is limited)

Be sure to check in when you arrive, as the class with the highest participation wins a special prize!

There will be a bake sale run by parent volunteers. Sign up to donate baked goods or volunteer! Kids get hungry with all this activity so non-baked items are also welcome (small bags of fruit, nut-free trail mix, bars, beverages, etc.).

Zoka Coffee will be onsite selling coffee for donations. 100% of the proceeds will go to the SSO fund!

Need additional copies of your student's pledge form? Download it below (right).

All funds raised for the SSO Fund will be collected at the Move-a-Thon on Oct 17 - or you can mail it in or donate online.

What Does the Fundraising Pay For?

The Move-a-Thon is the only fundraiser to benefit our Student Support & Outreach (SSO) Fund. The SSO Fund raises money that we will use this school year to benefit all McDonald Int'l students.

The SSO Fund gives our teachers mini-grants for special classroom projects and supplemental supplies, funds supplemental technology (like iPads) and musical instruments, continuing education for teachers, pays for extras for students like IXL and Type to Learn, pays for part of our school counselor and music teacher's time (so all students have music this year), helps to purchase leveled reading books in Immersion languages, provides field trip scholarships so everyone can participate, and so much more.

Our Fundraising Goal is $69,300 - which breaks down to $150/student. Not all students will be able to raise this much, so please be as generous as you can!

Need extra copies of your child's goal/pledge sheet? Download it below (right).

If you can’t make it to the event but want to donate, or would like to invite family and friends to join you in supporting your students, make your donation online.

This is a great way for friends, neighbors, grandparents and out-of-state family members to support your students - just send them the link above!

All funds raised for the SSO Fund will be collected at the Move-a-Thon on Oct 17 - or you can mail it in or donate online.

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers! Sign up here or take a look at what volunteer spots are still open and spread the word.

Questions? Email

Other Information

Dress appropriately for the weather; we will hold the event, rain or shine.

Feel free to bring your own bikes, scooters and unicycles (optional) - if you plan to ride, you must have a helmet (not optional!).

Parents - come support your kids while they "move!" This is not a drop-off event, please join other McDonald families and students at this 5th Annual Move-a-Thon as we all raise money for our school while fostering community and promoting health and well-being. Students will walk/run/”move” while being cheered on by teachers, parents and special guests.

Help your child find sponsors!

  • Email friends and family - tell them about our event and ask for their support!
  • Ask non-local grandparents and family members - this is a great way they can support your child long-distance!
  • Visit neighbors who know and love your children
  • Ask your employer if they will be willing to match donations collected by your child or your child’s class

Gift Matching

If any of your child's sponsors work at Microsoft, Boeing, or Starbucks - be sure to ask them if their employer will match your gift.

Will your employer do the same? Let us know! Contact Fundraising Chair, Maija Brissey.

Help Us Connect

If you have connections at businesses that could donate to the school or match funds we raise, please send them  to Fundraising Chair, Maija Brissey, so we can pursue those opportunities.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to McDonald parents Kristi Brumbaugh, Suzie McFadden​, and Fundraising Chairs Maija Brissey and Erica Lerer, for taking the lead on organizing the Move-a-Thon this year - they're amazing!


Move-a-Thon 2015

We had a great turnout again this year - thanks to the glorious weather and Kristi Brumbaugh and Maija Brissey's efforts along with their legion of fabulous McD family volunteers - thank you everyone!

The Golden Scottie award goes to Frau Schroeder's 1st Grade class with 23 of their class's 25 students attending - plus Frau Schroeder was there as well - congrats!

So far we've raised $44k of our $68k goal.

Don't let SSO programs that your kid(s) benefit from get cut this year. Encourage friends and family and make your own donation online today. Every contribution makes a difference. Together We Can Do It!

Student Support Fund Results for 2014 - Go Scotties!

What a turn out!  292 students checked in - that's 71% of our students who came and supported this community event.

Congratulations to Michiko Sensei's Japanese Kindergarten Class, winner of the classroom participation award (96% attendance), and to Ms Grue’s Kindergarten Spanish class as the runner up (92% attendance). 

A big thank you to everyone who donated to the Student Support and Outreach Fund! 

The effort began at the Back to School Event in early September, then we celebrated the Fund with our Move-a-Thon in mid-October, and by the end of November we collected $70,100. The money will be spent between now and June 2015 to supply special classroom projects, safety equipment, teacher training, educational "extras" for all students, scholarships for field trips, and much more. 

Thanks to you, all Scotties can continue to benefit from the many ways the SSO Fund supports our learners and teachers. 

If you're curious how we make decisions about what the Fund supports or have ideas for fundraising in the future, please consider joining the PTA at one of our PTA board meetings (info in the newsletter and on the website) or joining the fundraising committee. We could use your help!

Thank You

A HUGE thank you to Kristi BrumbaughElsa Nunes-UenoHappie AriShelley Herzog, and Brent Roberts for putting together another incredibly fun community event.

Plus a special thank you to our many volunteer parents who helped out day-of with monitoring activities, setup, cleanup, first aid, check in, and of course the ever-popular Scottie Dog and his handlers!

A big thank you also goes to Zoka Coffee for donating all of their proceeds to McDonald Int'l, and to our many other PTA volunteers who were there to collect $, sell Scottie Gear, and more.

The biggest thank you to our McDonald families and the many teachers and staff who came out in support of the school and to take part in all the fun! We have an amazing community - Go Scotties!

Move-a-Thon 2013

Great job, Scotties! We raised more than $65,000 for our Student Support & Outreach Fund. We knew we could count on you.

Congrats to our 1st Grade families who had the highest participation rate at 73.5%, followed by our Kinder families at 68.8%, our 3rd and 2nd Grade families at 65.1%, and 64.7% respecitvely, and our 5th and 4th Grade families who are hanging in there at 46.7% and 40%.

The Golden Scottie Award was given to Profesor Sergio's 2nd Grade Spanish class at Monday's morning assembly after the event.  At 85% they had the highest class participation attending the 2013 Move-a-Thon - congratulations!

Move-a-Thon 2012

Check out the results of the 2012 Move-a-Thon here.

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