Ian Cunningham-Ward & Family: Living in Tanzania

Ian Cunningham-Ward should be sitting in his 5th grade classroom at McDonald International school right now. But he's nowhere in sight. Why? Because Ian and his parents, Carolyn and Keith, decided to go on an adventure. They took off for a 6-month family sabbatical and headed to Africa this past summer 2015. What?! That's crazy. They left Seattle for 6 months? Yes. Yes they did. In fact, a number of other McDonald families have taken a family sabbatical over the past few years. Perhaps being in our international school community inspires our families to explore the world. 

Ian and his family seem to be having a pretty cool experience so far. According to their blog, they have been exploring Tanzania, and at the same time getting to know their local temporary home just outside of the city of Moshi. Carolyn & Keith are keeping up with their promise of posting on their blog so fellow McDonald Scotties can keep up with what they are doing.  On their blog you can find their thoughts on life there, hear about the political elections, the dust, the beautiful animals, and maybe even learn a few words in Swahili.  

Ian is at school in Moshi and every once in awhile he writes on the family blog as well. Recently he wrote about the school's Sports Day, and also explained what it is like to go camping there. He seems to be having an amazing time.   

Ian reports on the blog that, "two weekends after sports day, my family went camping with my neighbors, my soccer coach(Nick) and his family, and my neighbor’s friends. We camped at this HUGE sugar cane plantation’s forest/ savanna."  

As we all hunker down for the rainy season in Seattle, Carolyn says they see a daily "high of 85-90 degrees, evenings down to 65, sunny beautiful mornings, sunny hot afternoons and it starts to cool back down by 6pm when we close the doors to limit the mosquitoes." She adds that they "haven’t had any rain in several weeks. The short rains, should begin in another month, maybe for an hour per day for a couple months. In March/April the "long rains" occur which last longer at a time but maybe not quite as hard."

Carolyn, shown in photo on the bike, tells us they are now on a trip to Zanzibar and enjoying conversations with new friends. One recent blog post included a quote about travel from Carolyn, "We love learning from people from different backgrounds and in particular, having enough time to talk with so many people, the beauty of travelling." 

We couldn't have said it any better, and we look forward to hearing more about their adventures  

We sure miss having Ian on the playground and in his 5th grade classroom. But don't worry, Scotties. Ian will be back in February to tell you all about his travels. Until then you can keep up with the family's adventures at http://moshibound.blogspot.com/ Enjoy! And feel free to leave them a comment on the blog.

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