2012-13 Spanish Immersion Intern, Carmen Muniz de la Olivia


Who are you and where are you from? Who are your family members?

My name is Carmen, I am 23 years old and I grew up in Madrid, the capital of Spain. I have an older sister and a younger sister.  I studied Spanish Elementary Education with a specialty in English. My father, Rafael, is a lawyer and my mother is Carmen, who is a preschool teacher. Finally, the last member of the family is Mus, our dog, who is a West Highland Terrier.

When is your birthday? 

My birthday is the 29th of June... I expect to be in Spain on my birthday but if someone sends me a gift it would make me very happy! haha

How did McDonald Elementary enter your lives?

It all started in college. A teacher recommended a program called AMITY, which gave us the opportunity to spend a year in the USA working as a Spanish language assistant in a school and living with American families. AMITY sends the profiles to the schools and then the school calls you to interview. I must say that after waiting two weeks, when McDonald told me that they were expecting me to be here in August I was veeeery happy.

What are your hobbies, interests, dislikes?

In Spain, I worked in a children's entertainment company (face painting, balloon animals). I love spending time with my family. I like riding horses, swimming and dancing. I enjoy reading, cooking, painting and traveling because I like visiting new places and seeing other cultures. Moreover, I love going to music concerts, going to museum exhibitions, and hanging out with my friends and meeting new people. I don't like spicy food!

What were your first impressions of the United States?

I'm lucky because I have had the opportunity to travel to the U.S. before (to Maryland and NYC). I still feel the same way, people here are more open (for example, more than once someone has stopped me in the street to tell me they like my shirt or coat ... that never happens in Spain!).

What is your favorite dish from your country? Please describe it also.

TORTILLA DE PATATA!!! The tortilla de patata is the Spanish omelette. It is made only with potatoes, salt, eggs, olive oil and if you like you can add onion. The most popular dish in Spain is "paella" and "gazpacho".

What are your hopes for the future?

Well ... now everything in Spain is very bad, but I hope when I go back to Spain to find a job as an English teacher in a school!

What are your favorite stores in the US?

In Spain is my favorite store is ZARA and MANGO (similar to H & M). Stores that I like in the U.S. are American Eagle and Abercrombie (but only during sales!). 

What is your favorite coffee beverage?

Coffee caramel frappuccino with cream from Starbucks.

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