2012-13 Ginna Paola Duitama Trujillo, Spanish Immersion Intern

I grew up in the capital of Colombia, in the city of Bogota. As a child, I was an excellent student and I discovered myself as a person who wants to help others. My parents supported me throughout. My father is a taxi driver and my mother is a housewife. I am an only child and my childhood was full of tenderness, love and friendship. All of this reflects who I am now, an optimistic and self-confident person.

In Colombia, I worked as an English teacher in Kindergarten. I decided to be part of McDonald International School because teaching is what I want to do in my life; to practice English in a foreign environment, and to learn about US culture and teach your students about my culture.

I´m pretty excited to be here because of the people and the amazing places that I have already seen; such as the Space Needle, the Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Flight, the Seattle Aquarium...

My favorite Colombian dish is bandeja paisa. A Paisa platter must be served in a large, oval-shaped tray. Thirteen main ingredients must be present for the dish to be considered a canonical bandeja paisa: red beans cooked with pork, white rice, ground meat, chicharon, fried eggs, plantain (patacones), sausage with lemon, arepahogao sauce, black pudding, and avocado.

 My birthday is on October 16th. I celebrated my last birthday with my host family and some friends and had a lot of fun.

I am very glad to be working at McDonald International School. It is an amazing place to learn different teaching methodologies and the children are kind and really smart.

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