Carolyn Cunningham

Who are you and who are your family members?
Carolyn Cunningham, Keith Ward and Ian Cunningham-Ward.

How did McDonald Elementary enter your lives?
We live a block from McDonald. Keith was the guy who was challenged by our friend and neighbor to do something about that run down playground on 54th & Latona. He provided the initial leadership to renovate the playground, mobilizing lots of people in our neighborhood to step up, raise money and build a nicer place. It worked and it was great for community building. Who knew it’d then become our school?  Keith was tired after that so Carolyn stepped up when the new school was announced, serving on the Design Team before it opened, and then VP and Pres of the PTA. 
What occupies your time?
Carolyn’s day job is with United Way of King County, managing a range of efforts to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Keith is with Seattle Public Utility, improving how they deliver projects.
PTA hours aside, we try to get into the mountains as much as possible, we enjoy somewhat regular date nights, and, if Carolyn’s lucky, masters swimming a couple nights per week.
What are your hopes for the future?
We hope to live abroad in a few years to experience the slower lifestyle that Carolyn treasured during Peace Corps days. Keith hopes to climb Mt. Blanc and Ian hopes he’ll become a construction worker.
Can you share a favorite or memorable elementary school moment from your past?
Carolyn got to help build her school’s playground out of used tires. In third grade Keith got in trouble and was sent to a room in the back of the classroom. He had to let himself out after four hours, after the teacher forgot about him and went home.

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