Jenny Stone, Troy Chatwin and Family

Who are you and who are your family members?

Jenny Stone and Troy Chatwin.  Our kids are Jesse   (6 1/2 and a kindergartner in Profesor Sergio and Ms. Rachel's classes) and Kai (3)

How did McDonald Elementary enter your lives?

We heard from some friends of ours (Vicky and Dan Wise) about the new international school. We thought it would be an amazing opportunity for Jesse to learn another language and we are so pleased that it has worked out!

What occupies your time?

We are both family practice physician assistants at Group Health. We spend lot of time with our boys. In addition, Troy is an avid mountaineer who gets out to climb as much as possible and Jenny enjoys running and biking. We also both really enjoy hiking and enjoyed our first family hike (both boys walking!) a few weeks ago. Jesse loves school and sports. His current sports loves are t-ball and extreme unicycling.  Kai loves Jesse and loves to tag along. He is developing a clever sense of humor and enjoys pushing his parent's buttons.

What would you like our community to know about you?

We have great respect and are in awe of Jesse's teachers at McDonald. It is such a joy to see Jesse grow and learn in this environment.

What are your hopes for the future?

Troy looks forward to his first backpacking trip with Jesse this summer.  Jenny hopes to do an international medical mission in Central or South America in the next few years. We both look forward to watching our boys grow and seeing who they will become.

Can you share a favorite or memorable elementary school moment from your past?

Jenny remembers sitting on the lawn in 3rd grade and laughing so hard at a joke that milk came out of her nose.

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