Profile: Matt Lincecum

Who are you and who are your family members?

Matt Lincecum, Sara Nelson, Gabriel (Kindergarden) and Nelson (2nd Grade) Lincecum.

How did McDonald Elementary enter your lives?

We live one block away and have been excited to join an adventurous team of parents and kids willing to build a school from scratch.

What occupies your time?

Building Fremont Brewing Company, finding time to have a date night with Sara and doing loads of homework with the kids, filling out reading charts, etc. Elementary School is not what is used to be.

What would you like our community to know about you?

We like to have fun!

What are your hopes for the future?

Universal Healthcare, equitable distribution of wealth in the US and a bigger library for McDonald

Can you share a favorite or memorable elementary school moment from your past? 

I remember walking to my one-room elementary school in the 1970's and staring in awe at the 5th graders; their size, coordination and confidence seemed unattainable at the time.  To this day, I aspire to be as confident and coordinated as 5th graders.


The Fremont Brewing Company is a small, family-owned microbrewery founded in 2008 and located on Woodland Park Ave N. They brew small-batch artisan beers with local ingredients.

Thanks to Matt Lincecum and our volunteer writer for putting this series together. If you know someone who should be featured email Jen Reichert.

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