Joining the PTA

Seattle's best and strongest public schools have strong, effective PTAs. It's easy to join.


We Address the Unique Needs of Our Community. 

You'll be part of a group of parents dedicated to partnering with our school to make McDonald a great place for our kids.

We Make Decisions. 

As a member, you have the opportunity to vote on McDonald’s PTA Budget, on resolutions, and on the McDonald PTA Board officers.

We Enhance our School.

Funds raised through membership fees and other PTA events will be used to help enhance our children’s education and fill in gaps where there have been budget cuts.

We Organize and Host Events.

The PTA provides organizational support and liability insurance for PTA-sponsored events.

We Advocate.

The PTA, as the longest running child advocacy group in the world, campaigns for the interests of all children and their health, welfare, safety and education. A portion of your membership fee helps provide this legislative voice in Olympia and Washington D.C.

Join Us!

Joining is easy. Membership is $20 per person. Simply write a check out to "McDonald Elementary PTA" and on the memo line state "PTA membership for..." and include your name. Put your check in the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the school office and our PTA Treasurer will process it from there.

If the membership fee is a hardship, please contact our PTA Secretary & Membership Chair at to discuss a confidential fee waiver.

Of the total membership fee, McDonald PTA keeps $10.50, the National PTA receives $2.25, the Seattle Council PTSA receives $1.50, and the Washington State PTA receives $5.75.

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