International Night 2017

When: Saturday, May 13th, 4:00-7:30pm
Where: McDonald International School
Theme: Hello, World!
We still need volunteers. Sign up here.

Seattle residents come from many regions around the world. Explore some of these regions and learn to say “Hello” in many languages!

Playground* | Hello, Horn of Africa |ሰላም። (sälam)
Welcome Table. Scottie Gear. Student Performances.

Kinder Spanish | Kelli Black

Kinder/1st Japanese | Michiko Olson

1st Spanish | MaryLynn Halpin

2nd/3rd Japanese | Reiko Myers

2nd Spanish | Maria Lloret Tonda

3rd/4th Japanese | Hidee MacKenzie

3rd Spanish | Jennifer Morris

4th/5th Japanese | Keiko Ishikawa

4th Spanish | Mayte Elosegui

5th Spanish | Diana Einmo

McDonald Drum Circle with Somayya Diop (artist in residence)

6:15-7:30 | Talent Show
*All playground performances will be relocated to the gym if it rains.

East Playcourt | Hello, Mexico & Latin America | Ola! Rimaykullayki!
Bake Sale to benefit 2017 5th grade trips. Dining tables.

Guest performances:
4:15 Okinawa Taiko

4:45 Capoeira by Bahai in Motion
5:30 Seattle Fandango Project
6:00 Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueño
6:45 Matsuri Taiko

West Playcourt | Hello, Central Asia | Сайн байна уу? (Sain baina uu)
Calligraphy, face painting, henna tattoos, snow leopard masks, Japanese yo-yo fishing, and Language of Coding workshop. Special Guests: Trajal Hospitality College students from Japan. Dining tables.

Cafeteria | Hello, Southeast Asia | សួស្ដី (suô-stei)​
Dining tables. Zoka coffee cupping at 4:00, 4:45, 5:30, & 6:15. Sample Turkish coffee and chai between cuppings. Guest performances:
4:15 Hungarian folk dance by Kisbetyárok
5:30 Flamenco by Rachel Sprague
6:15 Emerald City Karate

NE 55th Street | Food Trucks
Dante's Inferno, Express Mexican Grill, Scotty's NW Catering, and Yummy Box. 


International Night 2016: Children Around the World

When: Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Where: McDonald International School
Cost: FREE


International Night 2015: The Elements

The 2015 event theme was The Elements! A Celebration under the Sun, in the Water, on the Earth, and in the Wind.

When: Saturday, May 16th, 4-7pm
Where: McDonald International School
Cost: FREE
2015 Theme: The Elements!

  • Gym - The Sun/ El Sol/太陽  Dances by several classes, international costumes and photo booth, and world dance party.
  • Cafeteria - The Earth/ La Tierra / 地球  Henna tattoos, performances by local/international music groups and McDonald Int'l students, and tables for eating.
  • West Playcourt - The Water/El Agua/  Ramune (Japanese Soda) and Horchata (Central American drink) fundraiser, plus carnival games.
  • East Playcourt - The Wind/ El Viento/  Make a windsock in celebration of Japan's Children's day, and performances to keep those at the food trucks entertained.


International Night 2014: World Fair

Our 3rd Annual International Night was a huge success! All current and incoming McDonald families were invited, and we had a great crowd. 

Thanks to all the families who came and contributed their delicous dishes to the amazing potluck dinner - and to all the volunteers, performers, supporters and organizers who made it all happen.

When: Saturday, May 17, 5–8pm
Where: McDonald International
2014 Theme: World Fair

Event Details

Dance: Gym
Food: North American/Caribbean Tables

• Bulgarian Dance • Kathak Indian Dance, Annie Penta • Kindergarten Bollywood Dance (AM Japanese/Spanish Class) • Kindergarten Bollywood Dance (PM Japanese/Spanish Class)

Activities/Games: West Playcourt
Food: European Food Tables

• Origami Activity • Japanese Calligraphy • Balloon Fishing Game • Pinata Bashing Game • Popcorn Stand • 4th/5th Grade Bake Sale

Arts: East Playcourt
Food: Central/South American Food Tables

• Egyptian Necklaces Craft Table • Scandinavian Heart Baskets Craft Table • Dress-up Photo Booth • Henna • Indian Story Telling • Art Displays: 1st Grade Spanish Class Mixtec Codex Art • Mexican Skirt Dance • Traditional Dance from the Mexican state of Chihuahua • Flamenco, Angela Fleagle

Music: Cafeteria
Food: Asian/African Food Tables

• Silk Strings - Koto String Instruments • 6:00 - Music Center Northwest - violin and classical guitar performance • 6:45 - Seattle Uilleann Pipers Club • 7:30 - UW Taiko Drummers

2014 "World Fair" Event Leads

Games Area Lead: Ashley Chen
Art Area Leads: Molly Capron, Esperanza Deulkar
Dance Area Lead: Tierra Johnson, Ceri Jenkins
Music Area Lead: Jennifer deMella, Molly Capron

Food & Beverage Lead: Jane Yeh
Decorations Lead: Jennifer deMella, Molly Capron

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