International Night 2018

When: Saturday, May 12th, 4:00-7:30pm
Where: McDonald International School

International Night Volunteers
Please consider volunteering time to help make International Night (coming up on May 12th!) a huge success for all McDonald kids and families. 

Story time readers, bake sale donations, craft tables, set up and clean up
Sign up here

Decoration play date
Join us after school in the East Play Court on April 19, April 26, and May 3 to make decorations for International Night.

Dinner will be potluck-style this year. Please sign up here. If you have questions please reach out to Veronica Garcia.

Class Performance Schedule
4:10 K Spanish
4:20 K Japanese
4:30 1 Spanish
4:40 1 Japanese
4:50 2 & 3 Japanese
5:00 2 Spanish
5:10 3 Spanish
5:20 4th Japanese
5:30 4th Spanish
5:50 5th Spanish
6:00 5th Japanese  
Dance Party

Guest Performance
4:00 Teiko Drummers – East Play Court
4:00 Sumayya Doip – Front lawn
4:45 Emerald City Karate – Playground
5:30 Irish Dancing Performance – Front Lawn
5:30 Echo Chorus-Japanese Choir - Cafeteria
5:40 Bomba - Playground
6:15 Capoiera-Moringa de Barro - Playground
6:15 Afsaana Dance- Bollywood Dance Workshop – Front Lawn


International Night 2017

Seattle residents come from many regions around the world. Explore some of these regions and learn to say “Hello” in many languages!

Playground* | Hello, Horn of Africa |ሰላም። (sälam)
Welcome Table. Scottie Gear. Student Performances.

Kinder Spanish | Kelli Black

Kinder/1st Japanese | Michiko Olson

1st Spanish | MaryLynn Halpin

2nd/3rd Japanese | Reiko Myers

2nd Spanish | Maria Lloret Tonda

3rd/4th Japanese | Hidee MacKenzie

3rd Spanish | Jennifer Morris

4th/5th Japanese | Keiko Ishikawa

4th Spanish | Mayte Elosegui

5th Spanish | Diana Einmo

McDonald Drum Circle with Somayya Diop (artist in residence)

6:15-7:30 | Talent Show
*All playground performances will be relocated to the gym if it rains.

East Playcourt | Hello, Mexico & Latin America | Ola! Rimaykullayki!
Bake Sale to benefit 2017 5th grade trips. Dining tables.

Guest performances:
4:15 Okinawa Taiko

4:45 Capoeira by Bahai in Motion
5:30 Seattle Fandango Project
6:00 Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueño
6:45 Matsuri Taiko

West Playcourt | Hello, Central Asia | Сайн байна уу? (Sain baina uu)
Calligraphy, face painting, henna tattoos, snow leopard masks, Japanese yo-yo fishing, and Language of Coding workshop. Special Guests: Trajal Hospitality College students from Japan. Dining tables.

Cafeteria | Hello, Southeast Asia | សួស្ដី (suô-stei)​
Dining tables. Zoka coffee cupping at 4:00, 4:45, 5:30, & 6:15. Sample Turkish coffee and chai between cuppings. Guest performances:
4:15 Hungarian folk dance by Kisbetyárok
5:30 Flamenco by Rachel Sprague
6:15 Emerald City Karate

NE 55th Street | Food Trucks
Dante's Inferno, Express Mexican Grill, Scotty's NW Catering, and Yummy Box. 


International Night 2016: Children Around the World

When: Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Where: McDonald International School
Cost: FREE


International Night 2015: The Elements

The 2015 event theme was The Elements! A Celebration under the Sun, in the Water, on the Earth, and in the Wind.

When: Saturday, May 16th, 4-7pm
Where: McDonald International School
Cost: FREE
2015 Theme: The Elements!

  • Gym - The Sun/ El Sol/太陽  Dances by several classes, international costumes and photo booth, and world dance party.
  • Cafeteria - The Earth/ La Tierra / 地球  Henna tattoos, performances by local/international music groups and McDonald Int'l students, and tables for eating.
  • West Playcourt - The Water/El Agua/  Ramune (Japanese Soda) and Horchata (Central American drink) fundraiser, plus carnival games.
  • East Playcourt - The Wind/ El Viento/  Make a windsock in celebration of Japan's Children's day, and performances to keep those at the food trucks entertained.


International Night 2014: World Fair

Our 3rd Annual International Night was a huge success! All current and incoming McDonald families were invited, and we had a great crowd. 

Thanks to all the families who came and contributed their delicous dishes to the amazing potluck dinner - and to all the volunteers, performers, supporters and organizers who made it all happen.

When: Saturday, May 17, 5–8pm
Where: McDonald International
2014 Theme: World Fair

Event Details

Dance: Gym
Food: North American/Caribbean Tables

• Bulgarian Dance • Kathak Indian Dance, Annie Penta • Kindergarten Bollywood Dance (AM Japanese/Spanish Class) • Kindergarten Bollywood Dance (PM Japanese/Spanish Class)

Activities/Games: West Playcourt
Food: European Food Tables

• Origami Activity • Japanese Calligraphy • Balloon Fishing Game • Pinata Bashing Game • Popcorn Stand • 4th/5th Grade Bake Sale

Arts: East Playcourt
Food: Central/South American Food Tables

• Egyptian Necklaces Craft Table • Scandinavian Heart Baskets Craft Table • Dress-up Photo Booth • Henna • Indian Story Telling • Art Displays: 1st Grade Spanish Class Mixtec Codex Art • Mexican Skirt Dance • Traditional Dance from the Mexican state of Chihuahua • Flamenco, Angela Fleagle

Music: Cafeteria
Food: Asian/African Food Tables

• Silk Strings - Koto String Instruments • 6:00 - Music Center Northwest - violin and classical guitar performance • 6:45 - Seattle Uilleann Pipers Club • 7:30 - UW Taiko Drummers

2014 "World Fair" Event Leads

Games Area Lead: Ashley Chen
Art Area Leads: Molly Capron, Esperanza Deulkar
Dance Area Lead: Tierra Johnson, Ceri Jenkins
Music Area Lead: Jennifer deMella, Molly Capron

Food & Beverage Lead: Jane Yeh
Decorations Lead: Jennifer deMella, Molly Capron

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