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World Citizen Essay Contest winners - May 20, 2019

Dear McDonald International Student and Families,

I am excited to share that two McDonald International students were selected as winners of the World Affairs Council’s 20th annual World Citizen Essay Contest. Edie Welch’s essay entitled “Educate a Girl to Save the World” won 2nd place in the 3rd -5th grade division and River Lewis Gosch’s essay entitled “How I Would Change the World” won 3rd place in the 3rd -5th grade division. Congratulations to these two students!

Please join us on 5/29 at 7pm in the Library for a presentation titled, “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Fostering But Were Afraid To Ask” May is Foster Care Awareness month! Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent? Do you have questions about fostering? In this super casual conversation, McDonald parent Megan Lehman is happy to answer any questions and share her experience about the process of becoming a foster parent, and her experiences over the past couple years as her family has welcomed children into their care. Parents are welcome to bring curious kids with them to this conversation as well.

If you know your child will not be returning to McDonald International for the 2019-2020 school year, please let our Administrative Secretary, Jane Petrich, know. Jane can be reached at jpetrich@seattleschools.org.

May is Bike Month! Riding your bike is a healthy way to get where you are going and good for the environment too! It is wonderful to see so many students riding to school. Unfortunately, we have also seen some unsafe bike behavior. Please remind your child if they are riding their bike to be very careful. We have seen students darting out in front of cars, not wearing a helmet, etc. Please remind students to be safe while riding their bikes.

Earlier this month the 4th and 5th grade students participated in an internet safety presentation provided by someone who works for the FBI. Here is a great website for kids and families regarding being safe online. I encourage you to check it out as a family.

You might have heard that Seattle Public Schools is adopting a new science curriculum. If you have questions about this adoption, check out the SPS website.

In the last two principal newsletters, I introduced you to some of our new staff members and guest teachers/interns for next year. This week I would like to introduce you to two additional guest teachers/interns for next year. Check out their bios below.


Christian Renderos Ramírez, Spanish Immersion Intern/Guest Teacher

Christian is from San Salvador, El Salvador. He will graduate in 2021 from Universidad Tecnológica De El Salvador with a Bachelors of Arts in English Education. Christian is looking forward to serving as an ambassador of his country his beautiful cultural heritage and the Salvadoran spirit. He is also looking forward to putting everything he has learned while teaching students in El Salvador into practice with the students at McDonald International. 

Yumi Makino, Japanese Immersion Intern/Guest Teacher

Yumi was born and grew up in Shizuoka Japan. She is excited about the Amity intern program because she loves to teach students who have difficulties in learning and she is excited to learn more about the American educational system. Yumi is looking forward to teaching the McDonald students and families about her culture and traditions, as well as learning about ours. Yumi has had experience interning in elementary schools and in March graduated from Shizuoka University with a degree in English education.


The staff teaching assignments for next year are: 

  • Frau Schroeder- Kindergarten ELA (Japanese Immersion side)
  • Michiko Sensei- Kindergarten Japanese Immersion
  • Tomoko Sensei- Kindergarten Japanese Immersion Instructional Assistant
  • Mr. Nate- Kindergarten ELA (Spanish Immersion side)
  • Maestro Revels- Kindergarten Spanish Immersion
  • Maestra Enedina- Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Instructional Assistant
  • Mrs. Bernard- Kindergarten ELA Support/LAP
  • Ms. Martinez- 1st ELA (Japanese Immersion side)
  • Reiko Sensei- 1st Japanese Immersion
  • Izumi Sensei- 1st Grade Japanese Immersion Instructional Assistant
  • Ms. Rachel- 1st Grade ELA (Spanish Immersion side)
  • Senorita MaryLynn- 1st Grade Spanish Immersion
  • Profe Mayra- 1st grade Spanish Immersion Instructional Assistant
  • Ms. Oakley- 2nd/3rd grade ELA (Japanese Immersion side)
  • Yumiko Sensei- 2nd/3rd grade Japanese Immersion
  • Ms. Luke- 2nd /3rd  grade ELA (Spanish Immersion side)
  • Ms. Roughton- 2nd/3rd grade ELA  (Spanish Immersion side)
  • Maestro Pedro- 2nd grade Spanish Immersion
  • Maestra Klaassen- 3rd grade Spansih Immersion
  • Ms. Kathleen- 4th grade ELA
  • Senorita Kelli - 4th grade Spanish Immersion
  • Andy- 4th/5th grade ELA
  • Ms. Bixman- 4th/5th grade ELA
  • Mrs. Vandermeulen- 5th grade ELA and 3rd-5th Reading and Writing Intervention
  • TBD- 4th/5th grade Japanese Immersion
  • Profe Diana- 5th grade Spanish Immersion
  • Ms. Pollema- Music
  • Ms. Fleck- PE
  • Miss Amanda- Art
  • Ms. Finnegan- Librarian
  • Miss Holm- Special Education Teacher
  • Mr. Paltrineri- Special Education Teacher
  • Ms. Busalacchi- 1st-3rd grade Reading Interventionist
  • TBD- Administrative Secretary
  • Ms. Mary- Office Assistant
  • Lynn- Nurse (Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Ms. Runions- Counselor
  • Ms. Facilla- Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Goldberg- Principal
  • Ms. Stacey- Custodial Engineer 

Reminder, at McDonald International we do not take parent requests for teachers. The staff at McDonald spends hours creating class lists. There are many factors that go into creating classes and we ask that you trust our judgement as we make these decisions. Class assignments for next year will go out at least 1 week before the start of the new school year.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at mhsushner@seattleschools.org.  


Michelle Goldberg

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