Curriculum Night, First Assembly, Car Drop-off Safety Reminder and More News, Sept 24, 20.18

Dear McDonald International Students and Families,

I look forward to seeing families at Curriculum Night, which is this Wednesday from 6-8pm. Last week I emailed out the schedule for Curriculum Night to class Google Groups; if you did not receive the schedule, please email your child’s classroom teachers.

Last Monday was our first school-wide assembly. During the assembly we introduced our new teachers and guest teachers, as well as welcomed our kindergarten students. We also received Bronze Certification from Washington Green Schools. But, the most wonderful moment of the assembly was when one of our 5th grade emcees asked the 5th graders to raise their hands and then told all of the Kindergarten students that even though 5th graders might seem intimidating, the 5th graders are here to help and support the K students (and all students).

The Building Leadership Team at McDonald International is excited to share that this year we will be working on creating a series of “standards” students will be taught related to International Education. Stay tuned for more information about this in future Principal Newsletters.

The faculty members who supervise the morning car drop-off area on 54th street have seen several unsafe behaviors and behaviors that completely block the flow of traffic. Please remember:

  • 54th street (in front of the school) is a drop-off zone only. You may not park here.
  • Once you drop your child off, please exit the drop-off zone immediately so that another parent can let their child out. Please do not sit in the car texting.
  • Children may only exit the car on the right side. It is very dangerous to have your child get out on the traffic side (left side).
  • If you park on the south side of the street, you must cross at the crosswalk (even if you parked directly across from the school).
  • If your child requires that you get out of the car to help him/her exit the car, you need to park in the neighborhood rather than using the drop-off zone option.

Let’s work together to make the car morning drop-off zone safe and efficient for everyone. It is very uncomfortable for a staff member to repeatedly ask parents to follow these rules. Thank you.

School photo day is October 8, 2018. Order forms will go home September 25th. If you need a scholarship, please return your child’s order form and write the word, “scholarship” under the line where you will write in the teacher’s name.

If you need to make a change to your child’s “go home” plan, please send a note with your child that morning (or earlier in the week). Please do not call the office or email the teacher unless it is an emergency. We are unable to manage the many go home changes that are happening last minute and daily.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.



Mrs. Goldberg

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