New Hire & Staff Teaching Assignments - June 1, 2018

Dear McDonald International Students and Families,

It’s hard to believe the year is coming to an end. Just three more weeks until summer. It was great to see so many families at our Spring concert. Thank you to Anna Pollema for putting together such a wonderful program and to all of the parent volunteers that helped make it possible.

Reminder, if you have not done so already, please go online to The Source and update your child’s contact information.  We will be emailing class assignments in August and in order to ensure that you receive the email with this information, we must have a working email address on file.

Seattle Public Utilities will be doing work on NE 54th Street between 1st Ave NE and Latona Ave from 5/30/18 to 6/13/18. That section of NE 54th Street will be closed from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM on those dates, so please plan accordingly.

In the last Principal Newsletter, I introduced you to three new staff members. This week I am excited to introduce you to another new staff member. Check out her bio below.

Izumi Mori (.5 Japanese Immersion Instructional Assistant)
My name is Izumi Mori-Holden. I am excited to be an IA for first grade starting next school year. I am from Shizuoka, Japan, which  has a somewhat similar environment as the Pacific Northwest. I grew up being surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Pacific ocean. I used to be a graphic designer for ten years in Japan. After I moved to this country, I have been studying Early Childhood education. Currently, I am volunteering at JSIS and the preschool at 70th Sandpoint, and working as a Japanese tutor. I am looking forward to seeing and working with everyone in McDonald International School.

The staff teaching assignments for next year are:
Frau Schroeder- Kindergarten ELA (Japanese Immersion side)
Michiko Sensei- Kindergarten Japanese Immersion
Tomoko Sensei- Kindergarten Japanese Immersion Instructional Assistant
Mr. Nate- Kindergarten ELA (Spanish Immersion side)

Maestro Revels- Kindergarten Spanish Immersion
Maestra Enedina- Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Bernard- Kindergarten ELA Support/LAP
Ms. Martinez- 1st/2nd ELA (Japanese Immersion side)
Reiko Sensei- 1st/2nd Japanese Immersion
Izumi Sensei- 1st Grade Japanese Immersion Instructional Assistant
Ms. Rachel- 1st Grade ELA (Spanish Immersion side)
Senorita MaryLynn- 1st Grade Spanish Immersion
Profe Mayra- 1st grade Spanish Immersion Instructional Assistant
Ms. Brooke- 2nd Grade ELA (Spanish Immersion side)
Maestro Pedro- 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion
Ms. Roughton- 3rd Grade ELA
Ms. Kathleen- 3rd Grade ELA
Maestra Klaassen- 3rd Grade Spansih Immersion

Yumiko Sensei- 3rd/4th Japanese Immersion
Senorita Kelli- 4th Grade Spanish

Ms. Oakley- 4th Grade ELA
Andy- 4th Grade ELA
Ms. Bixman- 5th Grade ELA

Mrs. Vandermeulen- 5th Grade ELA
Keiko Sensei- 5th Grade Japanese Immersion
Profe Diana- 5th Grade Spanish Immersion
Ms. Pollema- Music
Ms. Fleck- PE
Miss Amanda- Music
Ms. Pat- Librarian
Miss Holm- Special Education Teacher/ 4th & 5th Grade Reading & Math Interventionist
Mr. Paltrineri- Special Education Teacher
Ms. Busalacchi- Reading and Math Interventionist
Ms. Jane- Administrative Secretary

Ms. Stacey- Custodial Engineer

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

Michelle Goldberg

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