Goals for the 2017-2018 School Year - September 22, 2017

Dear McDonald International Students and Families,

I hope you and your child(ren) had a great first three weeks (or two weeks if you are K student/family) of school; I most certainly did! Over the past two weeks, students continue to work on school-wide expectations in our shared spaces and in their classrooms. Additionally, teachers have begun assessing students to determine how to best support each child in their academic and social/emotional growth this coming school year.

As a school, our list of goals for the 2017-2018 school year include:

  • Developing a more comprehensive approach to how we teach/integrate international education into our overall educational program.
  • Developing a clearer understanding about language acquisition in a dual language program. (specifically, how it impacts reading/writing in English and what the trajectory for learning the 2nd language looks like).
  • Developing clear school-wide systems of behavioral expectations/procedures (ex: what should it look like/sound like in shared spaces)
  • Developing a stronger approach for teaching ELA (specifically how we teach reading, writing and comprehension).
  • Developing clear learning targets in Spanish and Japanese immersion related to communication skills.
  • Continuing to develop common agreements around homework, assessments, curriculum alignment (ex: everyone teaching a unit or testing a standard around the same time).
  • Developing an intern program (specifically, an onboarding process, mid-year evaluation process, support for teachers, and collaboration with the PTA).
  • Providing more opportunities for students to connect across languages.
  • Continuing to build our approach for monitoring students and supporting students who are struggling (ie: MTSS).

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these goals.

I am excited to announce that we have a new daytime Custodial Engineer and her name is Stacey D’Aberle. Stacey comes to us from Broadview-Tomson K-8 where she served as an evening custodian. Stacey will be at the PTA meeting this coming Tuesday night so please stop by to meet her.

Curriculum night is October 3 from 6pm-8pm. K-2nd grade teachers will present from 6pm-7pm and 3rd-5th grade teachers will present from 7pm-8pm. We will have two K-2 and two 3-5 presentations. Closer to the event, you will receive more details about curriculum night through your class Google group. We hope to see you there!

The week before school started, if you did not receive your child's teacher assignment by email or it was sent to a different email than you wanted (ex: sent to one parent but it should have been sent to the other parent), please turn in a note to the office with: your child's name and the email address you would like for us to have on file. All notes are due to the main office by September 29th.

Recently, you might have noticed that our school entryway is looking a little different. These changes are the result of an exciting new art installation that the entire school has been contributing to for their Yayoi Kusama unit in art class. See details below from our Art Teacher, Miss Amanda.

“Over the summer, Seattle was privileged to host Yayoi Kusama’s acclaimed Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. To celebrate this event and learn about one of the world’s most pivotal contemporary artists, the whole school is doing a unit of study on Kusama. Students are learning about Kusama’s various infinity mirror installations, while exploring her symbolic polka dot motifs and key themes, like infinity.

This week, classes have been collaborating to recreate one of the installations from the Infinity Mirrors exhibit, called The Obliteration Room. In this stark white room (filled with furniture and objects of the same white color), museum guests were invited to place six dot stickers of varying sizes and colors on any spot of their choosing. Over the course of the 2-month exhibit, the room filled with color, obliterated by dots, as visitors interacted with the space and contributed to the evolving artwork.

This week we have created our very own “Obliteration Hallway” by the school’s main entrance, where each student has received a sheet of stickers to distribute as they see fit. With each class that visits the space, patterns and images start to emerge, as students intentionally and unintentionally build off of each other’s contributions. The McDonald art scholars would like to invite you to check out our “Obliteration Hallway” and maybe even bring in dot stickers to participate yourself!”

I hope you have a great weekend and as always, do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern.

Michelle Goldberg

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