Important Reminders - Nov 18, 2016

Dear McDonald International Students and Families,

In the aftermath of our recent election, many schools are taking a moment to reiterate the values that are foundational to their mission, and so I wanted to do the same on behalf of McDonald International.

First and foremost, we are committed to building a community where all students are safe, respected, and engaged.  Second, our community respects every single individual and we do not tolerate bullying, intimidation, or any other actions that perpetuate bigotry, stereotypes, or racism.  Third, the diversity of our community and the many cultures, languages, and religions that make up our school continues to be our greatest strength.  You all matter to us and we will always support you.  Lastly, we value open and respectful conversations about the lessons of living in a democracy.  We will help students move forward in understanding our democracy and how our nation works and endures.

To be clear, my comments are not intended to express a view about the election results or about any particular candidate.  Indeed, diversity of viewpoints are a hallmark of our country. But we all play an important role in supporting our students during times of change and so I hope the sentiments above further that paramount goal.

Other McDonald International School Information:

Reminder: school ends at 2:05. Please make sure you pick up your child by 2:05pm. If you are running late, please call the school and we will have your child wait for you in the office.

Attention families who ride bus 784- I have been in contact with the district about all of the issue revolving this bus and the Director of Logistics, Kathleen Katterhagen, has stated that this is very poor service and she apologizes on behalf of the district. They are working to remedy the situation.

From Nurse Alison- There have been many reports of lice at McDonald recently and I am hearing from other Seattle school nurses that lice infestations are particularly bad in the north end of the city this year. Please help us reduce lice cases during conference week. We are asking all McDonald families to thoroughly check their students’ hair for lice and nits at the end of this week and before returning to school on Nov. 21. During conference week our custodian’s will be vacuuming rooms. Teachers will be bagging cushions and stuffed animals since we do not have a dryer. When the students return on Monday two nursing students and I will check students for lice in classrooms that have had several cases.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys time with family and friends. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s classroom teachers or me.

Michelle Goldberg    

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