Joanne Querin-Sorenson, Nutrition Services

When I went to school, there were no lunches to be purchased! We brought packed lunch every day. Not sure what decade school kitchens became the norm, but I am delighted that they have.

I literally “fell” into this job a year or so after my husband died, and I think of it as the perfect “old lady” job. I get to see kids and staff each weekday. I love McDonald’s lunchroom because there are windows
and most people come thru the lunchroom on their way to their various jobs so there is opportunity to greet and see how all are faring.

The kids are at their best in the lunch line because they are hungry. At McDonald, I have had the privilege to have known most of the kids since kindergarten and I have been able to watch them grow into the delightful individuals they are.

I love the fact that they pay attention to what I do at the computer, and you have no idea how many times they have given me a hint on a short cut!!!

One of the things Seattle Public Schools does especially well is to provide a terrific fresh salad and fruit bar which lets the kids experience delicious vegetables daily with their hot entrée. They also get exposed to foods from other lands with dishes such as chicken cous-cous, beef or chicken teriyaki, or wonderful butter nut squash/chicken/rice casserole with locally grown squash.

I graduated from the Univ. of Washington in Speech Pathology and Audiology when that was the title of that program. By the time I finished my BA, however, my kids were teenagers and further education was required in order to work in the field. Not possible at that time so I got a job in Newspaper Circulation and had a great career in that part of the newspaper industry.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten into sailing and racing sailboats. A friend and I bought a light displacement boat and spent many years racing in local waters. I also had the marvelous experience of sailing to The Faroe and Shetland Islands as well as the Scandinavian countries and then spent 5 months sailing in South America and rounding the horn on that venture.

It is my privilege to be the lunch lady at McDonald’s.

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