Stacey D'Aberle, Custodial Engineer

My name is Stacey D'Aberle and I'm the Custodial Engineer for McDonald. I work from 6am - 2:30pm.

I started years ago as a big PTA mom at Olympic Hills, Hamilton, & Nathan Hale.  My specialty was bake sales fundraisers ($500 a night) and pancake breakfasts (1000.00+).  

Then I started with the district as a lunch lady since the schedule matched my sons schedule. I worked at Nathan Hale, Ingraham, Sand Point, & Whitman. Used to cook and feed on average 300 kids a day.  While at Ingraham I worked with special ed students aged 18-21 to teach them food worker job skills. Then when at Whitman Middle School I worked with the teachers to create and run a program. It ran for a year and a half - teaching special ed middle school kids responsibility - through working in the kitchen as an elective class time.  Those boys just graduated from Ballard high school, where the district paid them to work in the kitchens because they had been trained so well by me in middle school.  

I transitioned into Custodial and got my City of Seattle Boilers License when my son started to go to college.  I worked at Wedgwood, Broadview Thomson & the John Standford Center down town. 

I do a lot of charity work outside of the district with a group called the Lake City Lion's.  Our motto is "We serve our community!"  I was raised doing community work and still do that in all aspects of my life.  

I always treat people like I would like to be treated. I will let you know how things work in the district and what work orders are currently happening in the building. Some are long term and some are short. If you see some issue around the building feel free to email me or talk to me in the hall.I currently have blue hair BUT they may change throughout the year.   

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