Reiko Myers, 1st & 2nd Grade Japanese Immersion

Reiko Myers has a master’s degree and teaching certificate from Antioch University, and has an elementary education endorsement.

She did her student teaching at Broadview Thomson K-8 in Seattle, so she is familiar with our curriculum. This school also used RULER, so she is familiar with our school-wide social-emotional approach. Reiko Sensei was also a Language Immersion Instructional Assistant at John Stanford International School when Karen Kodama was the principal. She then taught at the Little Pine Gakuen school for five years. 

Reiko Sensei has provided effective instruction and a positive learning environment for students. Reiko Sensei is very focused on student learning and has been collaborating with the other teachers to align her practices and provide her students with the support they need. She has done a terrific job of making the transition into McDonald International last year and has shown herself to be an enthusiastic, positive, and collaborative team member.

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