The following school policies are published here at the request of the school administration. For additional Safety & Policies information, you can also visit the school's SPS website.

Late arrival and absence policy

If a student arrives after the 8:00am tardy bell rings, they must come to the office to sign in, and get an admit to class slip.

Dental and doctor appointments and illness are excused. If the student is late for an unexcused reason (oversleeping, missing the bus, stuck in traffic, etc.), the student will be given a warning the first time. 

Remember, absences will be marked as unexcused if you don’t communicate with the school.

Attendance Hotline:
If your student is going to be absent or late (and remember, school starts at 7:55am this year!), please call 206.252.2904 and leave a voice mail with your student’s first and last name, their morning teacher’s last name, and the reason for the tardiness or absence

This Attendance Hotline is available every day, 24 hours per day, so you can leave a message any time including after hours. 

You may also email the office if your student is going to be absent or late. Please be aware that notifying a teacher of an absence or tardy does not guarantee the office will get that information. It is important to let the office know directly of absences and tardies through the telephone hotline and/or email.

Remember, if your student is coming to school tardy, you'll still need to bring them to the office to sign in and get an admit to class slip before they can go to class.

Go Home Plans

You must let the school know how your child should be going home in the afternoons - bus? after school activity? parent pick-up? Kids Co? going home with a friend?

For more info and to download the Go Home Plan or Change Note, visit the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures page.

Early dismissal policy

If you need to pick your child up before the end of the day, please send a note to alert the teacher. Then, when the you arrive at school, come to the office to sign out your child. The office will call the appropriate class and have the child sent to the office to meet you.

Going home with a friend?

If your child is going home with a friend we need that in writing – if they are being picked up by another parent we need to know who it will be.  If they are going on a bus with a friend they need to bring the note to the office and get a Green Card which tells the driver which bus they are riding and who to let them off with.  We cannot accept phone calls as the notes must be kept on file for 7 years!


Flu season is coming! Please keep kids who are sick at home.  Encourage your students to wash hands, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of fluids.  If students do get sick, please keep them home.  If your kids have a fever, diarrhea, or have vomited, they need to stay home for at least 24 hours.


Lice are likely to spread in any setting where there are lots of young children because young children put their heads together. They are tiny insects - dark brown and shaped like sesame seeds - that live on human scalps, crawling through hair and feeding on human blood. They attach their tiny oval eggs to human hairs, generally very close to the scalp. They spread by crawling from hair on one head to hair on another head. Occasionally they may spread by sharing things that touch hair such as hats, scarves, brushes, and pillow slips. It is easier for lice to attach to clean, dry hair than oily, dirty hair so lice are not associated with poor hygiene. For more details including how to check and treat lice, please download the Lice Article in the blue Downloads box above.

Medication at school

Students are not allowed to carry any kind of medication at school.  If they ever need to take meds during the school day  the medicine must come to school in the prescription container with their name and dose instructions and a form signed by the parent and doctor.  This includes over the counter medication. Forms are available  from the nurse or main office.

Vacations and travel - NEW

Missed school days due to vacations or travel are no longer excused and will be marked as unexcused absence(s) on your student's attendance record (Educational Plans will no longer be accepted). This is a Seattle Public School district policy.

Safety and security

Here are reminders from the school of standard safety and security procedures for families and other visitors:

  • Whenever you visit our school, please use the front (South) entrance off of NE 54th Street, and go directly to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor's badge.
  • If you and your student(s) arrive after the second bell (8:40) in the morning, please go straight to the main office and sign in your student before they can go to class.
  • It is important to sign in properly, communicate to someone in the main office that you are signing in, and wear a visitor badge whenever you visit our school.

Taking photos/video:
At McDonald International we have some students and families who have not agreed to be videotaped or photographed. For some of these students, this is due to safety concerns. Before photographing or videotaping, please check with the teacher to see if all students have turned in a signed media release form.

Pets are not allowed on school grounds:
Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the playground during school hours.  Please leave them at home or find a safe place off of the playground and away from the bus loading area to briefly tie them up.

Visit the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures page for more information.

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