Lunch and the Cafeteria

The Meal Program 

Students go to lunch in the cafeteria at the same scheduled time daily. Depending on grade, the students will have recess directly before or after lunch. Your student may bring a meal from home, pay for a hot lunch, or just buy milk, juice or yogurt.

Breakfast is served from 7:40am to 7:55am daily.

Paying for Lunch & PIN Numbers

Students can pay with cash, check or money order for each meal, or you can load your child's account with funds and the child can "pay" for their meals with a PIN number.

PIN Numbers
Each child is assigned a PIN number during the first week of school that is linked to their individual account (set up by the district). Incoming Kindergarteners should have received a letter from Nutrition Services with your child's PIN number. Older students previously at a Seattle Public School will retain their current PIN.

At lunch, students will key in their PIN to pay for a meal. The Cafeteria Manager at school has a hard copy of all the students' PINs and can help the students with their numbers. 

If you have questions or have not received your child's PIN, contact SPS Nutrition Services directly at  (206) 252-0675.

Loading Your Student's Account
To load your child's account with funds, students can bring cash, check or money order (written to Child Nutrition Services) and submit payment to our Cafeteria Manager directly in the cafeteria or putting it in their mailbox in the main office. 

Or, parents can register with a program called PAYPAMS where you can electronically load money into your child's account anytime by credit card.

Note: The school district does not want negative balances on the students accounts, but they allow for a minus ($13.75) at the elementary level. Our Cafeteria Manager will never deny your child a meal, but she hopes that parents and guardians will see to it that your child’s account is paid before this minus level is reached.

The Menu

Check out school breakfast and lunch menus here.  

  • Breakfast: $2 ($3.25 for adults)
  • Lunch: $3 ($4.75 for adults)

Breakfast is served from 8:20am to 8:40am daily.

Free or Reduced-Price Meals

All families should receive a form from the Seattle School District's Child Nutrition Services that outlines how to apply for free or reduced lunch prices. These forms must be mailed back as soon as possible.

If you did not receive this form or need another one you can pick one up in the school office or download it here.

If you are not sure whether or not you'll qualify for free/reduced meal pricing, we encourage you to apply.

Lunchroom Visitors

Can You Help Out At Lunchtime?

The beginning of the year is a great time to help out in the cafeteria. Many of the new or younger students could use help learning the ropes or opening their packages. Sign up here to volunteer at Lunch or Recess.

Visit our Volunteer page for more information or to sign up. Questions? Contact your PTA volunteer coordinator at

No Lunch Visitors During the First Three Weeks

Unless you are the on-duty lunchtime volunteer, we do ask that you hold off visiting your child until after the third week of school. This will give your child time to get comfortable enough to be able to teach you all the lunchroom procedures and expectations.

Lunchtime Visits After the Third Week

Begining Sept 28, parents, guardians, siblings and extended family members are welcome to join students for lunch or breakfast. You may bring your own meal or purchase one at school -- don't forget to sign in at the front office and get your Visitors pass first!

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