Advocacy Update: Tell your legislators to release levy funds by raising the cap-- Write or call today! 

In February Seattle voters renewed two levies that are desperately needed to support our schools. But it’s not over yet to secure this much-needed funding.

Now the state legislature must give their stamp of approval so that Seattle can collect the money and put it where it needs to go.  Without this approval, the levies will not have their full impact on Seattle, and our funding gap will remain huge.

Below is a sample email, along with clear instructions for reaching your Senator and Representatives.  Please take the time to send a note today.

Additional information:


An example email to legislators:

Dear Senator/Representative:

I live in your district, have [two children] at McDonald International Elementary School, and am very concerned about the insufficient funding for schools in our district.

Please vote to release the levy funds approved by Seattle voters.

Our schools were underfunded before the so-called McCleary fix, and now, even though the state has supposedly fully funded education, the total amount of funding has actually gone down because the new state funding is not enough to replace the local levy funds that we are no longer allowed to collect. Even with the levy funds we have traditionally collected, schools like mine have PTAs that raise $100K or more per year to fill the gap and provide adequate basic education for our kids, and schools in less wealthy neighborhoods that can't raise that much just go without. Without the levy funds, we will have to make some very hard decisions about which basic services to give up. I urge you to fully fund counselors, librarians, nurses, social workers, and special education.

Sign with your name, your legislative district, and your address

To find your legislative district or your legislator names and phone numbers, click here:

Contact information for your State Senator and your two State Representatives: (first



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