Japanese-Spanish Community Spotlight

This is the third installment of a spotlight series featuring members of our community with connections to both Spanish and Japanese.

For this spotlight we have a Spanish intern who has studied Japanese, and a Japanese intern who has studied Spanish!
Please Meet Nelson and Reira!

Nelson Isaac Vasquez Morales
3rd grade Spanish Intern From El Salvador

How are you connected to both Spanish and Japanese?
Well, I really like Japanese culture and since the language's phonology is pretty close to the Spanish one, I took some Japanese classes when I was an exchange student at East Tennessee State University. Additionally, I also study some Japanese on my own through the use of the "Genki" book series, videos, apps and others. Furthermore, I also have some Japanese friends with whom I keep in touch since 2014.

Reira Haraguchi
2nd and 3rd grade Japanese Intern From Fukuoka, Japan

How are you connected to both Spanish and Japanese?
When I entered university we have to take a language class and I didn’t know anything about Spanish but thought it was cool because it is spoken in so many countries. I was also a member of the support team for International students and there are many students from Latin America so I thought I could help them better if I knew some Spanish. At the time I didn’t know I would be coming to McDonald Int’l where there is both Spanish and Japanese!
I am now taking a Spanish class at North Seattle Community College and my teacher is from Peru. I am talking with him about the Japanese community there and that their past president was Japanese and am learning more about the connection between Latin America and Japan.

You can strengthen your Spanish and Japanese cultural learning at home by hosting an intern in the Fall! Please email us if you are interested in learning more about hosting!

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