Exciting news for our 3rd grade Spanish!

Cori Manning, a 3rd grade Spanish Immersion student, recently entered a statewide art contest sponsored by Google, and won! Congratulations, Cori!

As a result, all of the students in Cori’s class were given Google t-shirts today, and Cori herself received a ton of Google swag (including a new Google Chromebook and her drawing printed on a t-shirt). What’s more, Seattle’s Q13 Fox News visited school and interviewed her.

Cori’s drawing will now compete against the winners from other states, and we can help her win for the entire country! From now until May 18, click here to vote for Cori. If Cori wins, not only will it become the Google doodle (say that 10 times quickly!) for an upcoming day, but Google will award our school $10,000 to be used for improving our school technology. Notably, there’s no limit to the number of times you can vote, so start clicking and keep clicking!  (We’ll have a computer set up at International Night for “extra voting.”)

Please feel free to pass this along to your family and friends, including by posting it on social media.

Let’s all join in and help Cori and our school win!

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