Children's Choice Picture Book Awards

The Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Awards (WCCPBA) is a state wide recognition of picture books by children in grades K-3.  During the last two weeks, all classes K-3 joined more than 100,000 other students from around the state of Washington in voting  on their favorite picture-book from this year's nominated list.   The winner in our school (by just one vote!) over Everybody Loves Bacon was The Magic Word.  (Thanks to Ms Bernard's class for totalling the votes.)

The winner statewide was Everybody Loves Bacon.  From our library catalog:  "Everyone loves Bacon but letting his fame go to his head may prove more dangerous than he thought."

Ask your child what her/his favorite book was and why.  I would invite you to check out these books from the McDonald Library, but they are sure to be in high demand in our library until the end of the year.  The public library will be a better source. Enjoy!

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