"Where's Halmoni?" Author Visits McDonald, Captivates 3rd Graders

“For its jaw-dropping art, encouraging bilingual attitude, and conscientious portrayal of Korean culture, Where’s Halmoni? is a perfect choice for most collections.”  This comment from School Library Journal is typical of the positive reviews that followed the publication of this book.

We were honored and excited to have local author and illustrator of “Where’s Halmoni?”, Julie Kim,  as our guest in the library this past week  Here is a summary of the book provided by the publisher:

“Two young children pay a visit to Halmoni (grandmother in Korean), only to discover she's not home. As they search for her, noticing animal tracks covering the floor, they discover a window, slightly ajar, new to their grandmother's home. Their curiosity gets the best of them, and they crawl through and discover an unfamiliar fantastical world, and their adventure begins. As they continue to search for their grandmother and solve the mystery of the tracks, they go deeper into a world of Korean folklore, meeting a number of characters who speak in Korean along the way, and learn more about their cultural heritage.”

Julie who emigrated from Korea to Edmonds, Washington, as a young child, told our 3rd graders how writing and illustrating this book was her way of thinking about herself as both Korean and American.  In an inspiring presentation, Julie spoke to the students about the writing and illustrating process, showing students examples of the many drafts of both drawings and words before her book took on its final format.

Our third graders were a joy to behold. Respectful and attentive and they peppered Julie with questions about her craft, demonstrating their knowledge and deep thinking about the book.

Please let me know if you’d like to check out a copy of this wonderful book to read with your children.—Ms Pat

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