Join the 2018-19 PTA Board: Nominations

Updated on April 9, 2018

The McDonald Elementary PTA nominating committee hereby places the following names into nomination:
For the office of President: Veronica Garcia;
For the office of Vice President: Elizabeth Oestreich;
For the office of Treasurer: Cindy Jed;
For the office of Secretary: Becky Anderson

The nominating committee has confirmed that all nominees have been a member of a PTA for at least 15* days prior to the election, and meet other requirements as stated in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. (*For councils, nominees shall have been a member of a local PTA in the council for at least 30 days preceding the election.)

Respectfully submitted by the Nomination Committee:
Lisa Barker
Jennifer deMella
Veronica Garcia
Jane Yeh

We will be voting for these nominees at the PTA General meeting:
When: Tuesday, April 24th, 6:30PM-8:00PM 
Where: Cafeteria, 1st Floor (Enter by west doors to the gym & parking lot)

Please come join us and help us choose next year's executive board.


From Veronica Garcia, PTA Vice President:

Let me start by thanking all of you for investing in our children's educational experience – this all works because of the wonderful community that each of us builds together. There are a lot of moving parts in making each year successful and each one of us plays an important role in that success.

I am part of the PTA's Nominating Committee along with Jennifer DeMella, Jane Yeh, and Lisa Barker. We are asking for nominations of parents that would like to be part of our fun and energetic PTA Board for next school year. You can also nominate yourself!!

It takes every variation of personality to make the PTA work – from showing up to every event and being the face of the PTA to pajama participation where everything you do can be done from your couch – and everything in between. This is a great way to directly impact your student's experience and get to know how the PTA works and what we are all about.

All positions for the executive board positions are currently open:

  • President - Are you motivated, excited about education, have good follow through and can work well with others? This is for you!
  • Vice President - Do you like to help make important decisions, have ideas on how to enhance our McDonald experience and are organized and can help lead and support parents, students and teachers? This role is for you.
  • Treasurer - Are you good with numbers, have experience with accounting or dream of becoming treasurer? This is for you!
  • Secretary - Are you curious about the ins and out of the PTA? This is a fantastic way to dip your feet in!

We are looking for members that represent the diversity of our community from different walks of life because we believe this is how we grow into a better understanding of each other, become more tolerant of each other's differences', and model that for our children.

If the above positions seem like too big a leap for you we have more-

  • Fund-raising co-chairs
  • Events coordinators co-chairs
  • BLT- Building Leadership Team (works with school staff)
  • Advocacy- helps advocate for student's needs in our school
  • After School Enrichment- be part of an established team in coordinating our very popular after classes
  • and many more......

Nominating forms and the job descriptions for each position are in the office on top of the PTA shelf. Here is the link if you'd like to do it online.

For questions and nominations please email, text me, or talk to me on the playground at pick up. Also, please feel free to talk to any of the other committee members: Jennifer served as VP and Pres., Jane served as VP for 2 years, Lisa was the After-School Enrichment Chair for more years than we can remember, and I am current VP. Also, my daughter is Malena G. who is in 3rd grade in the Spanish program. I would be so happy to answer any questions.

-Veronica Garcia

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