Enrollment for 2018-2019

Seattle Public Schools will start accepting new student enrollment forms Jan 8, 2018. If you have an incoming kindergartner or an upper grade student new to SPS, you will need to complete this registration process.

In order to enroll at McDonald International you will also need to complete a School Choice form, and submit that to SPS during the annual open enrollment window Feb 5-16, 2018. Please consult the SPS website for most current information.

Siblings entering Kindergarten for 2018-2019
Enroll your incoming kinder sibling with Seattle Public Schools. Online registration began Jan 8, 2018; please visit the SPS webpage under Enroll to complete the first step of the process. Be sure to list all siblings currently attending McDonald Int’l in grades K-4, as tie breaker preference is given to new students with siblings who will also be attending McDonald Int’l in 2018-2019.

If you want to apply to McDonald International School, you must also submit a School Choice Form to Admissions during Open Enrollment Feb 5-16, 2018, indicating McDonald International School as your first choice.  This form will become available February 5 under Enroll. Participating in Open Enrollment does not guarantee assignment, but the first tie-breaker is sibling preference.

Regarding Heritage seats for new kindergarteners who already have siblings at McDonald Int’l. Families do not need to indicate the incoming kinder student is a heritage speaker (home language other than English) on the SPS enrollment forms. Incoming Kinder siblings will be assigned to McDonald Int’l before other applicants, as the first tie breaker is sibling preference. Once assigned, siblings are also given preference for the language track of the older child(ren).

5th graders rising to Middle School for 2018-2019
If you live within the Hamilton International School boundaries, your child will automatically be assigned to Hamilton.

If you live outside the Hamilton International boundaries, and you want your child to continue with language immersion at Hamilton, you must submit a choice form to SPS Feb 5-16, 2018 for Hamilton. This is an automatic guarantee assignment if you apply during Open Enrollment.

If you live outside the Hamilton Int’l boundaries and you prefer that your child attend the middle school assigned to your home address, you do not need to do anything. Your child will automatically be assigned to that school.

Please be aware that transportation to middle school is based on home address. It is possible your child may not be eligible for yellow school bus transportation to and from middle school. Middle or high school students  who live outside of the school bus service area will receive an Orca (bus) card for public transportation.

Current students thinking about leaving to another school or program? (for example HCC or Spectrum Advance Learning)
Please be aware, if you apply to another school, and space is available at that school, the district will assign your child automatically during the first phase of choice assignments to that program or school causing your student to lose their existing assignment to McDonald International. If you have any questions about this please ask us before turning in your paperwork.

Families switching to a private school
All application materials must be submitted to the McDonald Int’l office at least 10 working days prior to the due date. Please bring the records request, along with an addressed envelope and two first class stamps.

2018-19 Registration for students new to Seattle Public Schools will be available on line January 8, 2018. To receive additional support with the online process please apply in-person at the JSCEE Admission Center. Open Enrollment/School choice period is February 5-16, 2018. School choice forms will be available online on Feb 5.

Important Dates

  • Mon., Feb. 5  Open Enrollment begins and School Choice Forms Available Online
  • Fri., Feb. 16, 2018 Open Enrollment Ends
  • Thurs., May 31: School Choice deadline (late applications)
  • Thurs., May 31: School Choice ends for 2018-19
  • Fri., Aug 31: Waitlists from open enrollment are dissolved
  • Assignment Lookup Tool Available Online for 2018-19 (date to be determined)

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