Hurricane and Earthquake Relief: You Can Help

The people of Puerto Rico and Mexico need our help.

For Puerto Rico, you can: Donate supplies at school which will be delivered to victims by the owners of Ballard's La Isla restaurant and a group that includes McD parents. There will be a collection box in front of the kindergarten rooms through 10/6.

Supplies needed include: baby wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, canned food, dry foods, baby formula, towels, blankets, garbage bags, canned milk, first aid kits.  Contact Veronica Garcia or Noelia Arzan for more information.

Attend La Isla's fundraising event on Oct 8th, starting at 12 noon with live music. The cost will ber $30 for a special plate with Lechon Asado, arroz con gandules, tostones or maduros.

Make a monetary donation to hurricane relief. Some organizations to consider are Taller Salud and the Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica.

Contact your representatives and demand an immediate and substantial relief package for Puerto Rico.
Contact your local media/press to cover the humanitarian crisis.

For Mexico, a fundraising festival for the Oaxacan families affected by the earthquake is being held at Casa Latina on Sunday, October 1st 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

This article provides some useful guides on natural disaster relief. For more information, please contact Yolanda Padilla

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