Congratulations, Julian Miguez Rojas!

Our own third-grade Spanish intern, Julian Miguez Rojas, was awarded the 2017 Emily Stowell Scholarship by Amity for displaying commendable character, tremendous dedication, and a continuous effort to go the extra mile both inside and outside of the classroom.

Julian (from Bogota, Colombia) immediately "jumped right in with enthusiasm" upon his arrival to the United States.  Julian's host family shared that he continuously was "an ambassador for Colombia and Latin American culture, taking every opportunity to share his culture with the community."  He also enjoyed exploring the United States and its culture, "showing boundless curiosity about America and its people."

Assistant Principal Rachel Roosma shared how Julian went above and beyond to help his community by "translating documents for the teachers he worked with, supporting the PTA and families within the community, and even translating documents for the Hunger Intervention Program." The third-grade students at McDonald also shared their support for Julian, and will miss him greatly as an "intern, soccer referee, and great teacher."

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