Please Help Us Recruit Spanish Interns!

For several years the Amity Institute has provided our school with volunteer interns who serve as models of language and culture. This year, due to worries about our country's new administration, fewer young people are applying to come to the United States.

For the Fall, we requested four Spanish interns so that we could have an intern in every 2nd-5th grade classroom, and we currently only have two confirmed interns for next year. Usually by this time of the year we would have all of our interns confirmed.

Amity told us that we can help them recruit candidates for our school. If you know of an amazing recent college graduate in a Spanish-speaking country who might be interested in coming to our school please send them here. When they fill out their application they can list a preference for McDonald International in Seattle, WA.

("What about Japanese?" You ask. Well, thanks to the recruitment efforts of a super star past intern, Yuto, we will have all three Japanese interns that we requested. Thank you Yuto!)

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