April Update from Ms. Pat

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring! 

I read my favorite “Spring” book with the kindergartners this past month—Lucille Clifton’s, “The Boy who didn’t believe in Spring.”  I was one of many in Seattle who didn’t believe Spring would ever come this year but once again, I was proved wrong!

During March, kindergarten, 1st 2nd and 3rd graders read and voted on their favorite of the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award nominees for 2017.

The top vote getter for our school was “Elizabeth Queen of the Sea.”  Here is a summary of the book:  Elizabeth, an elephant seal, chooses to live along the banks of the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand.  But when she wanders onto the road to sun herself and almost gets hit by cars, she is towed out to sea to other seal colonies.  Yet Elizabeth always finds her way back to Christchurch, and to her friend, Michael. (Based on a true story)

The second highest vote getter was “Finding Winnie” the true story of how Winnie (the real life model for A.A. Milne’s,   “Winnie the Pooh”) made it from Winnipeg, Canada to the London Zoo during World War l.

Votes are being counted all over Washington State and we will know the state winner sometime after Spring Break.  Stay tuned!

For a full list of this past years nominees and the nominees for 2018, check out this link.

Library lessons for 4th and 5th graders drew from a menu of items, depending on what was going on in the classroom curriculum.  Several classes were involved in a “book tasting” menu in which students went from table to table, dipping into books in a variety of genres, including, historical fiction, realistic fiction, biography, fantasy and science fiction and books with a global setting (more about this emphasis on “global setting” in a future newsletter.) Since our winter was so long, one class expressed their longing  for spring by writing poems on the theme of “What I hate about Winter!”  All 4th and 5th grade classes are following the state dictated social studies emphasis on Washington State History.  In library class, we examined how folktales of the indigenous people of the Northwest coast can interpret historical event.  We read “Thunderbird and Whale” and saw how scientists used this folktale along with other evidence to hypothesize a tsunami/earthquake on the Washington Coast in the year 1700.

We have also started to prepare for a PTA sponsored visit by Humanities Washington speaker, Mayumi Tsutakawa on April 27th.  Ms. Tsutakawa will be giving a presentation to our students during library classes on Japanese internment in Washington State during World War ll.  You will be hearing more about this later but please  think about joining us if you are able.

Ms. Pat

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